November 6, 2017


DynaFile is scan to cloud document management software. Unique scanning automation tools allow you to take an entire department paperless fast. From there, powerful management features make it easy to keep information organized, retrieve files instantly, segment access and keep track of required and expiring documents. As a popular paperless solution for Human Resources departments, DynaFile has partnered with some of the leading names for electronic employee onboarding. Forms that have been completed with esignature in DocuSign or iCIMS can be automatically published into the new hire’s folder in DynaFile. HRIS sync will automatically update employee data in DynaFile when staff name, department or location changes are made in your HRIS. Best of all, switching an employee from Active to Terminated in your HRIS can automatically trigger retention rules for files in DynaFile. – We are still in the implementation process, however this system and their consultants have been a pleasure to work with. We are looking forward to a long partnership with DynaFile which will house our employee documents. – My experience with DynaFile has been nothing but the best. Our representative was thorough in her training and adjusted the training timeline to suit our needs. She constantly followed up to see what questions had come up since the previous training and was quick in responding to any questions or resolving issues. The system is very user-friendly, though it does require time spent actively familiarizing as there are many little details to pay attention to. So far very impressed and pleased we partnered with DynaFile and quite excited to have such a robust system in place for our electronic storage needs.
November 6, 2017


Better Impact is a small but global company that believes in helping nonprofits, charities, NGOs and government agencies achieve more by providing use easy to use, purpose-built technology, over the top support and innovative educational platforms. – Thank you, Tony and company! You have been wonderful, and responsive to the needs of the volunteer community! I enjoy our partnership, and look forward to many more exciting years together! – Absolutely the most user friendly program out there for volunteers! I could not do the volume for work that I do without Better Impact. Great customer service to boot! – This software is amazing! Although I have been using this software only for a short while, I am so impressed by the product and the customer service. There have been several updates since I started using this software and they continue to improve the functionality. Andy, thank you for your constant support and availability to explain the simple and complicated questions, it is very much appreciated! One of the best products I’ve ever used and some of the BEST people to work with!! THANK YOU. – This software is getting better and better! I remember using it back in V3 and the look-and-feel of that version. There is a huge difference between V3 and V4… I’m so amazed with all the functionalities in V4 and can’t wait to see how the software evolves. The company is very responsive to suggestions and always happy to work with me/other users. Excellent customer service and I’m very happy that our organization chose Better Impact. Thanks as always for all the support the team provides – you all ROCK!
October 26, 2017


Troniteck nasce nel 2005 dall’esperienza tecnica e commerciale di un Team giovane e dinamico con un metodo di vendita basato principalmente sull’E-Commerce con piattaforma ebay, dove tuttora abbiamo un negozio fra i più rinomati in Italia per Servizio e Qualità. Dal 2005 ad oggi la nostra attività si è evoluta in vari settori, i principali dei quali sono il settore informatico, l’Audio & Video (in particolar modo l’Altà Fedeltà), l’elettronica di consumo e in minor parte altre categorie, tuttavia la nostra dinamicità ci permette di specializzarsi sempre in vari ambiti, quindi in futuro potremmo dedicarci anche a nuovi settori. La nostra politica aziendale, in qualsiasi direzione, prevede che la soddisfazione del cliente sia sempre l’obbiettivo primario che perseguiamo con la massima professionalità e competenza tecnica. – Se avessi potuto mettere 1000 stelline, le avrei messe. La mia prima, sicuramente non ultima, esperienza è stata più che ottima. Super pronti a soddisfare il cliente, nel possibile ovviamente. Spedizione super veloce. Imballo perfetto con all’interno fattura e garanzia ufficiale italiana. – Sono rimasto positivamente colpito dalla velocità e cortesia di questa azienda, consigliatisdimi, li userò nuovamente per i miei acquisti? – Ordinato due diffusori Indiana Line TESI 262 e dopo un giorno sono arrivati, imballo e velocità perfetti. Ultra consigliato.